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Servicios Tapatia Supermarket - Supermercado


At Tapatia Supermarket, you can get your favorite food and daily use products from our Latin American and Caribbean countries. Visit us today and enjoy our wide variety available to you.


Tapatia Supermarket offers a wide variety of typical Latin American and Caribbean baked goods.
Servicios Tapatia Supermarket - Panaderia
Servicios Tapatia Supermarket - Carniceria

Butchery & Fishmonger

We have the best quality meat cuts for your grills. Our expert butchers will cut your meat to your specifications. These delicious steaks are hand-trimmed and aged a minimum of 14 days for maximum tenderness.

Fruits & Vegetables

We have the freshest fruits and vegetables on the market. And we specialize in having all the favorite tropical fruits of our Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Servicios Tapatia Supermarket - Frutas y Verduras
Servicios Tapatia Supermarket - Cambio de Cheques

Money transfers

Do you need to send money to your loved ones? Tapatía Supermarket helps you with your transfer in an easy and safe way.

Utilities Payments

Pay for all your services comfortably while shopping at Tapatía Supermarket. We make it easy and safe for you!

Servicios Tapatia Supermarket - Pago de Utilidades

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